Mid-Century Modern Butcher Block Prep Station Handmade from Heart Pine End-Grain | Wake the Tree Furniture Co.

A Butcher Block for the Modern Age

2 years ago

Food prep isn’t always easy — especially in a small space.

Many of us love cooking, but not all of us enjoy the prep and clean-up that comes along with it. It takes a lot of planning and organization to keep your kitchen, your ingredients, and sometimes yourself from turning into a complete mess.

Designed with you and your small space in mind, our butcher block prep station is the perfect place to chop, organize and stay tidy — so you can put love and patience into every meal you create.

14517519582_520e16ccb2_o copyInspired by classic, timeless butcher blocks of the past, our butcher block prep station is reinvented with a modern edge — and a practical twist. Butchering meat was once a common household task, but most households today don’t need to butcher a pig in their home kitchen. Regardless of whether you are carnivore, veg, or somewhere in between, what you likely do on a daily basis is prepare produce.

Trimming asparagus, slicing an onion, or opening up a fresh pineapple are repetitive kitchen tasks that leave you with two things — edibles and compostables. This is where the symmetrical slide-outs of this piece come into play.

14495548576_299a217360_o copy

Reach under the block and pull open a slide-out on each side. Place your bowls (or compost bucket) on the slide-outs, nestled against the block — one for fresh ingredients, the other for compost. Your knife separates the produce. Then, with a simple flick of your wrist, the flat of the blade follows through, guiding each cut into its appropriate bowl.

14332101878_c427e18879_o copyThick and impressively solid, the energy of each cut is gently absorbed by centuries-old heart pine end grain. Wipe the block and re-use, without the hassle of multiple cutting boards cluttering your sink.
14495571326_a800772d95_o copy
It’s not your grandma’s butcher block. But if you love to cook, you’ll find yourself equally enjoying the prep and clean-up process with this piece in your contemporary kitchen.

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14332211357_042a0e213f_o copyLike all of our furniture, this piece is customizable — from wood species, to dimensions, to that powder-coated pop of color! Purchase yours today in our store.

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