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I will climb trees.

2 years ago

This September, we are joining many other charity: water supporters to prove that #nothingiscrazy when it comes to raising money for clean water!

So I had this idea to climb trees for clean water. And then the 10-year-old boy inside me got really excited.

Here’s how it works. Donate to our campaign and I will climb a tree in your honor. If you want, you can even suggest a species of tree you would like me to climb. If I can’t find it in our area, I’ll substitute something else.


Don’t worry, there are many trees to go around and there is no limit to how many I will climb. This could take a while, I could be doing this for the rest of my life! It kind of depends on you.

But I’m in.

I will climb little trees and I will climb big trees. You an give a little or you can give a lot. The craziest thing we can do is nothing. As always, 100% of your donation will go toward bringing clean water to the 663 million people on our planet without access to it. And right now, donations are being matched dollar for dollar, doubling your impact.

Liz will be my ground support and snap a photo of every climb, so you can follow the journey right here on our blog.

**Thank you so much for your support!
Donate here and let the tree-climbing begin.