Handmade Mid-Century Modern Pegboard Kitchen Island Prep Station | Wake the Furniture Co.

Riff Raff Kitchen Island

2 years ago

We believe in the importance of good kitchen organization. That’s what inspired Anthony to build a pegboard directly into this midcentury modern-inspired island, along with plenty of thoughtful storage.
Not only does the pegboard give this piece a playful (and customizable) pop of color, it helps you to be more efficient while cooking, so you can focus on the details.
The pegboard keeps your cooking utensils in plain sight, and the shallow end-shelving does the same for your spices, so you can easily see what’s available and grab them as you go. Deep shelving on each side of the island is perfect for anything you do find necessary to hide, as well as a place to rest your favorite cookbooks.
The shelf below provides a perfect space for pots, pans and cutting boards. And of course the stunning walnut top creates a beautiful surface to work upon.
With everything within reach, right beneath your prep area, we hope you find the cooking process simpler and more enjoyable! Get creative in finding the best color of pegboard for your kitchen, then you can purchase here.

We use this piece in our kitchen every single day and we hope you do the same.