charity: water

Your Funds are at Work in Mali!

3 years ago

Thanks again to all of those who participated in our 2014 Sahel campaign last fall! We just received an update from charity: water!

The money that we raised was sent to Mali, one of the poorest countries in the world, where 46% of people live in these dry lands without access to clean water. For families here, the first step out of poverty begins with clean water. Thanks to all your help, World Vision is now working on 95 new and 31 rehabilitated drilled wells. They’re also building solar-powered systems that draw cool, clean water from deep underground and bring it to 78 new tap stands in the center of communities. In addition, they will be bringing clean water, sanitation and hygiene training to 10 schools.

The projects are to be complete in Winter of 2016. Look forward to more updates then, along with GPS coordinates, photos and further details about this water project.

All of this news makes us smile. We hope it does the same for you — you are making a difference!