Anthony Becker | Woodworker | Wake the Tree Furniture Co.

Meet Anthony

9 months ago

The designer and maker of every Wake the Tree product. He is passionate about quality and making people’s lives better though design. Here are some other fun facts about him:

  • If he’s not in the studio, he’s probably running through the woods with our dog Newman.
  • To go out and run 30 miles on a Saturday or Sunday is not uncommon.
  • Before running, he was an avid snowboarder and moved to Breckenridge, Colorado for several years. The mountains of PA are better suited for running so he took up a new sport.
  • He enjoys mornings.
  • He likes maps.
  • He’s a nature lover and has a deep appreciate for his resource (trees!)
  • (He’s great at climbing them too).
  • He’s been working with wood since he can remember. He and his brothers started a wood toy business when they were kids called “Great Wooden Toys”.
  • He loves cooking and coming up with new flavor combinations. He has perfected making pizza from scratch in a wood-fired oven.
  • He has a keen sense of smell.
  • He loves good coffee.
  • And red wine (an oaky Rioja is his favorite).
  • Also, pecan pie and white cake with white icing.
  • He hates garlic and mayonnaise.
  • He enjoys reading and writing in his spare time. His favorite poet is Mary Oliver.
  • He has a great imagination. His head is full of cartoons.
  • He’s an introvert who gains energy from solitude, but he loves people!
  • He loves to travel and camp. Some of his favorite destinations have been Spain, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico.
  • He prefers the mountains over the beach.
  • He builds a great fire (using scrap from the shop of course).
  • He loves music and going to shows. Some of his favorite artists are Patty Griffin, John Price, Lucinda Williams, Laura Marling and The Felice Brothers.
  • He does yoga regularly.
  • He’s an excellent napper.
  • He’s super duper organized.
  • He whistles while he works.
  • And sings in the shower.
  • He once dreamed he was a metal knife surrounded by plastic forks and spoons.
  • He believes in living simply and intuitively.
  • He’s a minimalist.
  • You might catch him staring at you while you’re doing things, but don’t worry—he’s just trying to figure out a way to make your life easier and more efficient.
  • He appreciates thoughtful design.