Giving Back

A deep appreciation for our resource.

Before my love of furniture, there was love of trees. As a boy, I climbed them, dreamed in their branches and napped in their shade. Their constant presence intrigued me – the way they slowly evolve, barely changing year to year, connecting human lifespans. At a young age, my dad invited me into our family wood shop and for many years after, taught me how this resilient resource could be used to build solid furniture that people can depend upon day after day for their needs, comfort and beauty.

Working with wood became a very natural and intuitive process. As I learned about the invaluable resource that trees provide, I remembered that they are equally important in their life as in their death. This is why we believe our resource should be acquired responsibly and trees should be preserved whenever possible.

Giving Back | Wake the Tree Furniture Co.

Sustainable sourcing.

My interest in where lumber comes from and in preservation of trees has led us to begin locally sourcing our own logs. Most of our lumber is sustainably sourced from trees that have already fallen from storms or other natural disasters, or have already been cut down by tree services. In many instances, I am personally on hand when the logs are picked up, knowing exactly where and why the trees were taken down, or  I am able to oversee the sawing of the lumber at the mill, which we store and dry for future projects.

Giving Back | Wake the Tree Furniture Co.

Giving Back.

While my wife Liz and I love being in the wood shop, we also love spending time with trees. Not only are forests quiet, peaceful places to reflect and connect with nature, they are essential to our environment, including the quality of our air. Shinrin-yoku (or forest bathing) is the therapy of taking in the atmosphere of a forest for medicinal purposes. Simply spending time with trees has positive effects on both our physical and mental health.

“[Researchers] have shown that a walk in the forest can improve one’s mood, reduce stress hormones, strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure, and reduce blood sugar levels” – Joan Maloof, Nature’s Temples

Being nature lovers living in Pennsylvania, we realized that there are very few of these untouched havens left due to logging. As a result, we struggle to find unspoiled places in our area to hike, camp, and enjoy the outdoors.

That’s why we instantly felt a connection to The Old-Growth Forest Network’s mission to preserve and protect an old-growth forest in every county where they can grow, “to ensure that future generations can experience native forests in their mature diversity and complexity.” We are honored to give a portion of every sale to their organization.

If you would like to donate to the Old-Growth Forest Network or help protect a forest in your own county, please visit

Thanks for thinking of the trees!