Wake the Tree Furniture Co. is a small studio in South Central Pennsylvania founded in 2014 by designer and second-generation woodworker Anthony Becker. A minimalist at heart, Anthony is passionate about simple, thoughtful design that will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. All of our products are solid well-crafted pieces that are meant to be used and enjoyed everyday with confidence. As nature lovers with a deep appreciation for our resource, we only use Forest-Friendly Wood to help protect trees and the environment.

Caring for your Furniture

We use Rubio Monocoat hardwax oil finish. It's made of natural, plant-based ingredients with no harmful solvents or chemicals and is food safe and environmentally responsible with 0% VOC.
Here are some tips for finish longevity and to help your solid wood piece age beautifully!

ROUTINE CLEANING: Use only water dampened cloth.

MORE THOROUGH CLEANING: Use only Rubio Monocoat Surface Care. 

A refresher coat every 2-6 years is a good idea to keep your piece looking fresh, more protected and aging well. For this we recommend using Rubio Monocoat Renew. It’s fast drying and easy to apply. 

Scratched/damaged surface: 
Easy to spot repair, there are a few simple approaches depending on the situation. Please reach out to us directly for the best approach. 

Cutting Boards

We use a mineral oil + beeswax blend on these items. It is a food safe finish, and meant to be “flexible” with use. The surface is easy to “refresh” when it becomes marred or dried out with direct use — simply reapply a similar “cutting board” finish. 

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