Wake the Tree Furniture Co. is a small studio in South Central Pennsylvania founded in 2014 by designer and second-generation woodworker Anthony Becker. A minimalist at heart, Anthony is passionate about simple, thoughtful design that will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. All of our products are solid well-crafted pieces that are meant to be used and enjoyed everyday with confidence. As nature lovers with a deep appreciation for our resource, we only use Forest-Friendly Wood to help protect trees and the environment.

Caring for your Furniture

Furniture + Dog Feeders

We use an acrylic polyurethane finish that is applied in multiple coats. It is durable, food-safe and spill resistant. Most household cleaners can be used safely, although mild soap and water with a soft rag is recommended. 

The finish generally protects against water spots/rings and wine stains. However, for the best care, we recommend removing these with a damp cloth as soon as possible. We also suggest placing a hot pad under anything that is too hot to hold in your hands.

While the finish is a tough shield, remember it’s only wood underneath and it’s likely that this natural material will dent and mar over time. Care should be taken with sharp or heavy objects, abrasive dirt particles etc. The finish is UV protectant, but direct sunlight is intense and can change color tones of wood over time. 

We believe that handmade furniture develops character with use, and we hope this piece becomes a storied part of your life. 

Cutting Boards + Knife Racks

We use a mineral oil + beeswax blend on these items. It is a food safe finish, and meant to be “flexible” with use. The surface is easy to “refresh” when it becomes marred or dried out with direct use — simply reapply a similar “cutting board” finish. 

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