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Where does wood come from?

From trees, of course! 

This beautiful resource has helped humans meet 
their needs for many years, providing both shelter and comfort.

So what’s the problem?

Less is more.

We once needed all the wood we were taking;
Now we are taking too much from the forests.


Everything is connected in a forest.

Trees communicate their needs and send each other nutrients via a network of soil fungi.
Like friends, trees can even send a stress signal to each other when they are in danger.


Damaging a single tree disrupts the whole system.

Older trees store the most carbon, mitigate pollution, purify water and release oxygen.
Simply replanting younger trees and forests isn’t helping to solve the problem, like some people believe.

Let’s rewrite the story, together.

Our choices today will literally create the landscape for future generations.
We can become a part of the solution rather than the problem